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Oak Bible Counselling

The perfect place to receive Biblical Christian Counselling for people in the UK and  preparation for overseas work and after you have returned.  

Our Services

Providing Christian Counselling for a wide variety of people and situations. 


Member Care & Counselling for, Church Leaders, and Individuals


Member Care & Counselling for Missionaries, Mission Leaders, Church Leaders, and Individuals


Counselling Supervision also teaching and training


Effective Biblical Counselling Diploma Course and Biblical Studies Diploma Course


GS, Member Development Pioneers UK

For many years, Colin has come alongside Pioneers members, both during their preparation for overseas work, and their debrief while back in the UK; always offering an invaluable listening ear, and pertinent insightful advice, drawing from his own varied cross cultural experiences.

Stephen, former student and friend

Colin and Brenda have been a big help to both my wife and I in listening and giving advice in our relationship, in studies and training for our ministry overseas and other personal input outside of classes based on the Bible. Colin is always very realistic about ministry from their own experiences with a variety of cross-cultural teams serving in very different countries

Friend and colleague of Chi

Colin has been a source of wisdom, comfort and counsel to me as a friend and a pastor. He has many years of experience as both a pastor and overseas missionary but more importantly he knows the Word of God and the God of the Word.


Welcome To Oak Biblical Counselling

Providing affordable, professional and personal counselling from a Christian, Biblical basis, in a warm, friendly environment. Seeking to lead people to a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Supervision for counsellors.
  • Debriefing and assessments to support those working in or returning from Cross Cultural ministries.
  • Teaching and support in Diploma Course in Member Care and Effective Biblical Counselling. This will help you to understand what it means to be alive spiritually and how to help others.
  • Teaching Diploma Course in Biblical Studies and Cross-Cultural-Communications. This will help you to understand the Bible better and assist you in cross cultural work.
  • Marriage and Marriage enrichment.
Face to Face Counselling

Whenever possible face to face counselling takes place.

Member Care on Skype

Most counselling for overseas clients is at an agreed time on Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype.

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Please use the contact form to arrange a free 30 minute consultation


Oak Biblical Counselling is available to help missioniaries and those returning from the mission field
as well as training in counselling and Christians seeking professional counselling services.
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