All counselling programmes are tailored to your needs and agreed at the outset

Counselling, Member Care, Training in Biblical Counselling and Member Care.


Spiritual Wellbeing assessments, (also known as Clinical & Psychological assessments)


Diploma in “Principles of Effective Biblical Counselling and Member Care”, course.
Diploma in Biblical Studies and Cross-Cultural Communications


Member Care, Biblical Counselling,
Building Relationships


Training for church mission groups. Especially relating to care of missionaries and the role of the sending church.
Teamwork; Biblical Principles of Leadership, Leadership Development and management. Pre-field preparation, on-field care and re-entry care and debriefing.


Conflict resolution, Contingency Training Crisis Management, trauma and debrief (inc kidnapping)
What makes a good carer! Communication skills. Speaking therapy. Listening skills.


Marriage counselling, Husband wife and Parent Child relationships.
Anxiety, Depression, Stress Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, OCD

Services offered in Culture and Language Acquisition, (Church Planting)

Training and Consultancy for Cross Cultural Communications in Missions and Evangelism Ten aspects of preparation for Church Planting:

1. The Role of the Church in Mission

Mission is the privilege and responsibility of the local Church.The role of the Church to the Missionary and the role of the Missionary to the Church.

  1. Preparation for the Field
  2. Cross Cultural Communication skills
  3. Contingency training
  4. Animism and Folk Religion

2. Principles of spiritual growth, and a continuing walk with the Lord

  1. Principles of a daily walk with the Lord
  2. Being a learner and preparation for ministry

3. Arriving on the Field

  1. Adjustments to the field
  2. Field Orientation
  3. Culture Shock
  4. Principles of bonding with the people
  5. Choosing where to work
  6. Teamwork
  7. Spiritual Leadership

4. Understanding the support team

  1. Visas
  2. Medical
  3. Supply
  4. Administration
  5. Maintenance etc

Church planting in PNG
Family Service in PNG
Church planting in Papua New Guinea

Preparation for church planting

5. Field Ministry

Culture and Language learning made practical

  1. Tools to help you learn the culture and language where no help is available

6. Preparing for Evangelism

1. The incarnation principle

7. Preparation for Bible teaching

  1. Foundational truths
  2. Challenging the people’s world view
  3. An overview of Church Planting
  4. Preparation for teaching from
  5. Creation to the Ascension (Teaching Chronologically)
  6. Preparation for teaching the Life of Christ
  7. Preparation for teaching the Book of Acts
  8. Preparation for teaching the remaining New Testament letters

8. Seeing an Infant Church develop

  1. Evangelism
  2. Position in Christ
  3. Seeing the new believers active in evangelism
  4. Principles of a New Testament Church

9. Seeing the Church Develop

  1. Teaching through the New Testament letters
  2. Developing Church leaders

10. Missionary Phase out

Seeing the Church continue

  1. The Spiritually mature Church
  2. The itinerant ministry of the Church planter – missionary

Member care

Oak Biblical Counselling is available to help missioniaries and those returning from the mission field
as well as training in counselling and Christians seeking professional counselling services.
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